A Day of Two Halves

My fitness/healthiness journey hit a little bump yesterday. It was a honeycomb type of bump. Maltesers to be precise. Oh and it was also curry flavoured. Possibly with wine….. In the words of my two year old… Oopsie dear!

So it was hubby’s birthday and we indulged a tad. It’s ok. Tomorrow is another day and all that. In my defence I also did some hula hooping, Davina’s thirty minute exercise, and my two favourite activities – bouncing on the trampoline with my wee man (child not husband) and going for a very nice (if incredibly slow) walk with one and the same plus little one in the pushchair.

So technically I had a setback. So what? It was nice, it was an occasion. Hey and I forgot to say that I managed four full press ups two days before. Yay me! (Oh and the maltesers were buried in an incredibly creamy cheesecake. Yum yum!)


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