Day Three – Inspired by a Seven Month old

Day three of my twelve week challenge started with a Davina thirty minutes work out. I say started with, I mean I did it at about half seven after the kids were in bed. I then did some hula hooping, stretching, a few dumbbell exercises. I had a sudden flash of inspiration from watching my daughter effortlessly lift her leg above her head then stick her toes in her mouth (she’s seven months old so not entirely strange). While I don’t particularly aspire to being able to put my toes in my mouth it would be nice to know I’ve got the option of I should decide that’s how I want to spend my afternoon.

The almost embarrassing truth is that I’ve always been naturally flexible so I know it won’t actually take that much to get me back to a reasonable level of fitness. So why am I not doing it??? Tonight or tomorrow I’m searching out a yoga exercise video on YouTube.

My other turnaround is that I’m finally starting to think about food as fuel. Ooh la la! When I eat or choose food I’m making an effort to think ‘what is this doing for my body?’ To me it’s a bit airy fairy but it’s actually quite satisfying. I’m not going to lie though – tonight I’m making a maltesers cheesecake for my husband’s birthday. What will this do for my body? Well provide calcium for strong bones obviously! But also it will bring some pleasure. And sometimes that’s just fine.


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