Day Two…. Who gives two bottles of wine as a thank you anyway???!

So yesterday wasn’t bad. A brief stint of hula hooping. Took kids and dog on a power walk (pushing double pushchair with about four stone of children in it counts as exercise. Trust me!) I made a start on some gardening so the thought was there (do thoughts tone muscle? Interesting concept) but events overtook me so had to call that a night.

Had fruit and nuts as a snack and pasta, peas and bacon for dinner. I guess that wasn’t too healthy due to the cheese and creme fraiche content (and the fact I had two helpings. Is it possible to watch Masterchef without eating???)

So overall not bad but not brilliant. I managed to resist the smarties biscuits that are in the kitchen. Also my husband announced that someone has given him two bottles of wine as a thank you at work. He doesn’t drink wine and it would be ungrateful not to enjoy it….. However we’re going away in three weeks so standards are allowed to slip slightly then so I’m determined to save it til then to indulge.

Need to focus now on what exercise to do tonight. Hmmm. I might turn to my old favourite – Davina. With a few twists on the bits I don’t like 😀


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