Selection Box Left…. Sweet Pain???

So this year I’ve resolved I WILL get fit and toned. I’m v lucky in that I don’t put on weight (don’t hate me) and even after two babies I sprang back to my pre-pregnancy size and weight (ok, hate me if you want) but sometimes that makes it more frustrating when I say I want to get fit and I get the same old response ‘But you don’t need to lose weight!’ Why are the two always seem as intrinsically linked???

So now with no ‘But I’m pregnant’ excuses to stop me from exercising, and no ‘But it’s Christmas’ excuses to stop me from eating healthily I’m making a valient attempt to make the best of the body I was given. And its bloody hard! I’ve spent months tucking into the biscuit tin whenever I have a cup of tea (an awful lot), and eating what I like when I like. Cheeeeeese! During my second pregnancy (girl) I also developed a sweet tooth. My husband has always had one and will inhale a pack of hobnobs without even noticing but I used to be able to take it or leave it. Not any more!

But as I have said I am determined. I’m cutting down on bread, pasta, cheese etc and increasing salads and veg (which incidentally I also love. They’re just not very comforting). I’ve never thought about food so much or felt so hungry though I surely can’t be.
The trouble is we still have selection boxes and tubs of sweets lying around from Christmas. Not to mention the blue and smoked cheeses that were in the fridge that I polished off yesterday. But I am DETERMINED. And somehow by ignoring those tubs of chocolate that call to me every time I reach past them for a carrot I feel just a little bit more virtuous.

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