Happy New Year… Just wait a bit will you.

So here we are again. New Year, New You. Actually for the first time ever I’m intending to start my good intentions on Jan 1st (so today then). I normally defer til Feb 1st figuring it’s boring to follow the crowd and it’s more achievable to start your goals in a shorter month. But this time I’m four months post cesarean, both children are sleeping for a decent chunk of the night and I really am feeling flabby and unfit. So new year, New fitness plan, New organised, motivated me!

Only problem is I could do with another six weeks just to finish last year…. The show cupboard needs sorting, the dining room needs decorating, there are things to go in the loft and things to come out of the loft. I’ve baby things to sort; some for charity, some for now and some for the loft for later. This year I was proud of my organisation for Christmas (started shopping in November, finished early December and most things wrapped BEFORE Christmas morning doncha know!) But in all that I forgot to plan for my clean slate. How can I be an organised scrummy mummy from this state of chaos??? All’s not lost though – I’ve planked for thirty seconds 2015 will NOT beat me! 😀


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