Saving Time with the ‘While You’re Waiting’ Jobs…

So, having read a Mumsnet post a short while back in which another Mum said she saved a lot of time doing one job while waiting for another, I.e clearing out a drawer while waiting for the kettle to boil. A brilliant idea I thought (probably everyone does this and I’ve just been lazy…). Anyway I tried it today again. Just a spot of weeding while my toddler was happily playing in the garden…. And then he came to help…. And so did the dog. 

The result is the garden is partially weeded but my son is covered in soil and the weeds have been carefully emptied from the bucket and distributed over the lawn. I look forward to bedtime when I can clear it all up then leave the established weeds to carry on growing.

You know what though? We had fun. He had  fresh air and sunshine and he loved ‘helping’ mummy. Although time is precious, precious time is better.



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