Oops I did it again….

Or strictly speaking ‘we’ did it again…. Yup, the virgin mummy is now going to be a second time round mummy. My first born will have just turned two when our newest addition comes along. And do you know what? We’re petrified!

I almost feel guilty writing this because actually our gorgeous son is really pretty good (generally). I think we’ve coped fairly well with the first 22 months (or is that nature’s way of making you think you’re ready to procreate again?!) But whereas the first time round we were full of hope, excitement and good intentions (though I did draw the line at my other half deciding what the baby’s sleep pattern was going to be… I knew THAT wasn’t going to be up to us), this time we know what to expect… but twofold!

Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait, but already this pregnancy is SO different from the first. With him I could tell you, up to the hour, how far along I was. This time round I’ve got an app on my phone that I have to consult whenever anybody asks. We haven’t yet done the big shopping trip (though to be fair we’ve got pretty much everything we need. Poor hand-me-down baby!), and I’m constantly having to check when midwife and other relevant appointments are.

I like to think that we’re actually taking a realistic view of things now. I know so many parents who say that their second child was harder work than their first. My theory has always been (even pre-children) because you somehow get complacent about it. ‘Been there done that’ etc, however the first thing to remember is that nature does have a funny habit of playing tricks on your mind, and the second is that every baby is different… Just ask all those Mum’s whose baby slept through the night from two days old whereas mine held out until 18 months. Maybe Daddy’s sleeping schedule will work with baby number two after all….




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