Unlucky For Some (and a trip down memory lane)

This is a blog I wrote shortly after reaching thirteen weeks pregnant. I was going to adapt it as if I was writing it now and looking back but when I re-read it I found a happy nostalgia in my excitement and a beautiful naivety when I talked about how tired I was. I love remembering how excited I was about the scans and how fab it was to tell people. So here it is….

So when week thirteen finally arrived I couldn’t have been more pleased. I think that at about week ten the days started going backwards. I was definitely one of the lucky ones though. Lots of nausea and a bit of dizziness in the mornings but a packet of arrowroot biscuits and a bottle of orange cordial by the bed worked miracles to ensure I could make it down the stairs and start functioning at something like a reasonable level (nb – I’m not a morning person at the best of times so the bar was set v low…). My travel sickness got worse and if I left more than forty minutes between food breaks I’d know about it but constant snacking got me through…. And then came the tiredness…

I’m not even going to talk about it really. I was tired. A lot. Very. As someone who had just moved house and who works shifts I struggled. But through it all I was wondering how on EARTH expectant mothers who already have children get through the day. I still can’t work it out but massive hats off to them. It says something that I was sat typing at ten at night feeling smug that I woke up at eight in the morning morning and went the whole day WITHOUT A NAP!!!!!!! The first day in about eight weeks I think so perhaps the premature smugness will wipe me out tomorrow.

All in all the first nine weeks or so were an emotional roller-coaster where the ups have definitely been more than the downs. The excitement of telling immediate family tempered with pretty much avoiding some friends because I didn’t want to tell them yet but equally didn’t want to lie to them! (Is it just me who did that???) My partner is famously RUBBISH at keeping secrets so pretty much all of his friends and colleagues knew by about week seven. Having said that most of his family refused to believe him without confirmation from me 🙂 My job is one that requires some quite stringent risk assessing so my best friends since school had no idea but my Senior Manager did. His reaction, ‘Oh for ***** sake. We’re losing another one.’ Honesty is the best policy I guess….

But now the scan is done, the word is out, I’m being congratulated by people I haven’t spoken to in months but I DON’T HAVE A BUMP YET!!!! I know, patience, patience. It’s just all so new and exciting that for once I want to speak to people in the street and have them acknowledge what is happening to me.

Having been through this I’m curious about second/third/fourth etc times Mums. Does this excitement go away, change, how is it different? And most importantly, what is the number one piece of advice you wish you’d been given? My best friend was told by an old lady on a bus (classic scenario), ‘sleep begets sleep.’ What a fantastic line. It could have been written for a film. I really must remind her of it as she’s now got two little cherubs of 3yrs and 18mnth and I think she’s forgotten what sleep is, never mind where one ‘begets’ it from.


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