A Day of Two Halves

My fitness/healthiness journey hit a little bump yesterday. It was a honeycomb type of bump. Maltesers to be precise. Oh and it was also curry flavoured. Possibly with wine….. In the words of my two year old… Oopsie dear!

So it was hubby’s birthday and we indulged a tad. It’s ok. Tomorrow is another day and all that. In my defence I also did some hula hooping, Davina’s thirty minute exercise, and my two favourite activities – bouncing on the trampoline with my wee man (child not husband) and going for a very nice (if incredibly slow) walk with one and the same plus little one in the pushchair.

So technically I had a setback. So what? It was nice, it was an occasion. Hey and I forgot to say that I managed four full press ups two days before. Yay me! (Oh and the maltesers were buried in an incredibly creamy cheesecake. Yum yum!)


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Day Three – Inspired by a Seven Month old

Day three of my twelve week challenge started with a Davina thirty minutes work out. I say started with, I mean I did it at about half seven after the kids were in bed. I then did some hula hooping, stretching, a few dumbbell exercises. I had a sudden flash of inspiration from watching my daughter effortlessly lift her leg above her head then stick her toes in her mouth (she’s seven months old so not entirely strange). While I don’t particularly aspire to being able to put my toes in my mouth it would be nice to know I’ve got the option of I should decide that’s how I want to spend my afternoon.

The almost embarrassing truth is that I’ve always been naturally flexible so I know it won’t actually take that much to get me back to a reasonable level of fitness. So why am I not doing it??? Tonight or tomorrow I’m searching out a yoga exercise video on YouTube.

My other turnaround is that I’m finally starting to think about food as fuel. Ooh la la! When I eat or choose food I’m making an effort to think ‘what is this doing for my body?’ To me it’s a bit airy fairy but it’s actually quite satisfying. I’m not going to lie though – tonight I’m making a maltesers cheesecake for my husband’s birthday. What will this do for my body? Well provide calcium for strong bones obviously! But also it will bring some pleasure. And sometimes that’s just fine.


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Day Two…. Who gives two bottles of wine as a thank you anyway???!

So yesterday wasn’t bad. A brief stint of hula hooping. Took kids and dog on a power walk (pushing double pushchair with about four stone of children in it counts as exercise. Trust me!) I made a start on some gardening so the thought was there (do thoughts tone muscle? Interesting concept) but events overtook me so had to call that a night.

Had fruit and nuts as a snack and pasta, peas and bacon for dinner. I guess that wasn’t too healthy due to the cheese and creme fraiche content (and the fact I had two helpings. Is it possible to watch Masterchef without eating???)

So overall not bad but not brilliant. I managed to resist the smarties biscuits that are in the kitchen. Also my husband announced that someone has given him two bottles of wine as a thank you at work. He doesn’t drink wine and it would be ungrateful not to enjoy it….. However we’re going away in three weeks so standards are allowed to slip slightly then so I’m determined to save it til then to indulge.

Need to focus now on what exercise to do tonight. Hmmm. I might turn to my old favourite – Davina. With a few twists on the bits I don’t like 😀


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Day One…

Day one was yesterday. I wasn’t feeling particularly focussed so it consisted of some press ups (I can do one whole full one! I hope to have improved on this by the end of my twelve weeks…) Lots of hula hooping (I intend to at least hula hoop every day). Some squats with weights, some chair squats and a bit of skipping. Whatever it was it was moving.

Today food wise I’ve had a cup of tea,  cup of decaf coffee, and water. Porridge with cinammon, raisins and semi skimmed milk for breakfast and a bean chilli with bulghar wheet and quinoa for lunch. Oh and an activist yoghurt. Or activia even.

So far so good. I’m undecided on what I’m going to do today/this evening. My intentions are good but my eyelids are heavy……

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When I grow up I wanna be a weightlifter….

That’s this week’s plan anyway! Previously I’ve wanted to be an ice skater, ballerina, gymnast, yoga guru….. You get the gist.

However I’m now 36 so I think I’m now pretty much past all that. What I really want to do is get a toned butt, a decent level of fitness and some more energy.  So…. (And this has never happened before honestly!) I’ve decided to set myself a twelve week goal. I WILL get fit, toned, etc. There’ll be before and after pics (not for the faint hearted). I’m going to embrace my scatty approach and just do whatever I feel like on any given day. I’ll keep you posted. Please give me some suggestions of exercises to try and I’ll let you know how I get on…

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Selection Box Left…. Sweet Pain???

So this year I’ve resolved I WILL get fit and toned. I’m v lucky in that I don’t put on weight (don’t hate me) and even after two babies I sprang back to my pre-pregnancy size and weight (ok, hate me if you want) but sometimes that makes it more frustrating when I say I want to get fit and I get the same old response ‘But you don’t need to lose weight!’ Why are the two always seem as intrinsically linked???

So now with no ‘But I’m pregnant’ excuses to stop me from exercising, and no ‘But it’s Christmas’ excuses to stop me from eating healthily I’m making a valient attempt to make the best of the body I was given. And its bloody hard! I’ve spent months tucking into the biscuit tin whenever I have a cup of tea (an awful lot), and eating what I like when I like. Cheeeeeese! During my second pregnancy (girl) I also developed a sweet tooth. My husband has always had one and will inhale a pack of hobnobs without even noticing but I used to be able to take it or leave it. Not any more!

But as I have said I am determined. I’m cutting down on bread, pasta, cheese etc and increasing salads and veg (which incidentally I also love. They’re just not very comforting). I’ve never thought about food so much or felt so hungry though I surely can’t be.
The trouble is we still have selection boxes and tubs of sweets lying around from Christmas. Not to mention the blue and smoked cheeses that were in the fridge that I polished off yesterday. But I am DETERMINED. And somehow by ignoring those tubs of chocolate that call to me every time I reach past them for a carrot I feel just a little bit more virtuous.

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Happy New Year… Just wait a bit will you.

So here we are again. New Year, New You. Actually for the first time ever I’m intending to start my good intentions on Jan 1st (so today then). I normally defer til Feb 1st figuring it’s boring to follow the crowd and it’s more achievable to start your goals in a shorter month. But this time I’m four months post cesarean, both children are sleeping for a decent chunk of the night and I really am feeling flabby and unfit. So new year, New fitness plan, New organised, motivated me!

Only problem is I could do with another six weeks just to finish last year…. The show cupboard needs sorting, the dining room needs decorating, there are things to go in the loft and things to come out of the loft. I’ve baby things to sort; some for charity, some for now and some for the loft for later. This year I was proud of my organisation for Christmas (started shopping in November, finished early December and most things wrapped BEFORE Christmas morning doncha know!) But in all that I forgot to plan for my clean slate. How can I be an organised scrummy mummy from this state of chaos??? All’s not lost though – I’ve planked for thirty seconds 2015 will NOT beat me! 😀


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